We Support UNFE

We, as a company, perform at our best when all of us are seen, appreciated and able to work to our full potential. An environment that can see and harness the talent of team members without bias cultivates innovation, setting the stage for long-term success for our company, customers, partners and our team members. That’s why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) must be put into action throughout our entire organization. It’s why DEI is foundational to our core values, which also include, Teamwork, Innovation, Caring, Integrity and Quality.


As part of our commitment to DEI, we value and support our LGBTQ employees and want to be a company where LGBTQ employees can feel safe and thrive, and this is why we proudly support the UNFE Standards of Conduct for Business.

  • Respect Human Rights of LGBTQ workers, customers and community members
  • Eliminate Discrimination against LGBTQ employees in the workplace
  • Support LGBTQ staff at work
  • Not Discriminate against LGBTQ customers, suppliers and distributors and insist the business partners do the same
  • Stand up for Human Rights of LGBTQ people in the communities where we do business

To read more about the UN Standards of Conduct, visit bit.ly/UN-Standards-of-Conduct-PDF and learn about how we are working to create a welcoming environment for the LGBTQ Community, and all of our communities, using these same guidelines.