Ambient Series

Hyve Solutions Ambient Series

Hotter running servers help cool the planet

The Hyve Solutions Ambient Series servers have been specially designed and engineered to tolerate much higher temperatures, which allows for the ambient air in a data center to efficiently cool the servers instead of resorting to power-hungry chilled cooling systems. The result is a substantial and measurable reduction in power consumption.

Most data centers are run unnecessarily cold, often requiring just as much energy to power the cooling system as it takes to power a typical server. The Hyve Solutions Ambient Series have been thermally tested to handle inlet temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius, which means very little power is required to cool the systems.

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Inspired by OCP

Heavily inspired by OCP, the innovative Hyve Solutions Ambient Series was developed with many of the key features in line with the tenants of OCP and was designed from the ground up to maximize overall data center efficiency while reducing deployment costs. The front-IO optimized design combined with industry-leading power efficiency makes for one of the most-efficient servers on the planet. Hyve Solutions Ambient Series servers have been engineered to be environmentally responsible, consuming less electricity to cool the system and ultimately leading to lower carbon dioxide emissions.