With a collaborative, customer-driven design approach, Hyve Solutions is your go-to partner for purpose built hyperscale compute and storage solutions. We pay close attention to your business and technical objectives, and understand your need to balance factors including performance, density, energy efficiency and supply chain diversity – while managing total cost of ownership.

We also offer a complete range of traditional servers, available in standard 1-4U+ form factors, with support for AMD- or Intel-based processors and high-efficiency power and cooling designs optimized for large-scale data center deployments. Our traditional servers are packed with advanced features, including options for FDR/QDR InfiniBand, SAS2 hardware RAID controllers, and IPMI v2.0 remote-management capabilities, and are the ideal building blocks for scale-out data centers, HPC clusters, and more.

Our unique role in the Open Compute Project as a Platinum Solutions Provider and our own custom-designed Ambient Series rack and server solutions enable you with the most efficient server hardware on the planet. From fully integrated OCP-certified racks to traditional 19-inch server racks, we’re dedicated to the development of “Best Performance-per-Watt-per-Dollar” solutions to fulfill the demands of the modern data center.

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Compute & Storage Platforms, Optimized for the modern datacenter
Open Compute Project hardware from the original OCP Solutions Provider