Years ago, IT would order servers and switches, have them shipped to data centers, and technicians would deploy and install everything in rack chassis. The process was fairly straightforward but also tedious and difficult to scale, especially when deploying by the truckload. As a result, starting in 2011, Hyve debuted its first factory designed entirely around rackmount server production. We build the servers alongside rack infrastructure construction, integrate and test them on-site, then ship everything off as a completed unit.

The net efficiency gains of Hyve’s approach continues to win new fans. The incremental addition of labor on Hyve’s side generally appears minor compared to the many hours spent on equivalent work by IT in the buyer’s data center. Many IT techs excel in software integration but may not be as skilled in rack setup and configuration, which in turn often results in many more hours spent on troubleshooting and support. (We find this to be even more true in networking and storage deployments.)

Consider details such as cable dressing. Is the network cable bend radius correct and optimized? Components are properly identified, tagged, and speed tested to make sure they’re operating in expected ranges. In a one-off site setup, such details may be missed, but such minutia, which can make or break a rack’s results over time, are what Hyve specialists do all day, every day.


Hyve Solutions Unified Global Services (H.U.G.S.) is our umbrella program for on-site support, because great infrastructure products are only half of the total solution. H.U.G.S. covers how to get systems to the data center, which can be a lot harder than it sounds in some remote locations, and we can advise on how systems should and do get deployed into a site. H.U.G.S. can involve adding physical security to ensure that edge deployments stay safe and functional. We can perform on-site repair, and we can take products back to our site for reverse logistics and troubleshooting.

Part of offering amazing support is trimming away all possible delays and remediation inefficiencies. So, yes, we do parts servicing and full server repairs, but some clients prefer same-day guarantees while others can allow a longer timeline. For faster resolution times, we might establish a local support office, or we might plan a parts locker in the data center containing everything from cables to ready-to-run replacement systems. The H.U.G.S. program provides for all of this and much more, so clients get what they really want: results, not just hardware.

(Fun fact: We know the name H.U.G.S.” is a little unorthodox for an enterprise-class service offering. It was winning name submission from a late-night brainstorming session among our techs… and it just stuck.)

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From Pakistan to Sao Paulo and South Africa to South Korea, Hyve goes everywhere. This requires deep familiarity with local requirements and an extensive expert network able to facilitate both import and support.

Today, Hyve is an importer of record (IOR) in over 50 countries. We work through timezone constraints, currency conversions, and regional red tape, always hustling to keep your schedule on track. Along the way, we prioritize security and consistently monitoring all the moving pieces of delivery and deployment. There should never be a moment when people stand idle waiting for the next piece of the solution to be in motion. Hyve has mastered the art of supply chain management and can extend this chain all around the world.


One size never fits all. Hyve’s engineering group spawned from large clients finding that off-the-shelf equipment met some but rarely all of their data center needs. From power consumption to component selection and placement, history proves over and over that some small tweaks will unlock massive amount of new efficiency. Our mission is to find those tweaks. Hyve custom solutions engineers start with conventional equipment and solutions, consider all ends of a customer’s needs, then hunt down those few tweaks that can make all the difference in delivering outsize solution value.

Our long experience in custom work now allows Hyve to be a thought leader and innovator in data center design. That said, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Many of our customers look for fresh ways to optimize their deployments, only to find that we’ve already invented the methods they need. We can provide prototypes and craft designs ready to slot into existing infrastructures.