Rack Integration

Rack-level Solutions for the Modern Datacenter

The primary method for swift & efficient deployment of infrastructure into a modern datacenter is a fully integrated rack-level solution. Hyve Solutions designs and manufactures compute, storage and networking solutions at the rack level that are production environment-ready and optimized for your datacenter, enabling you to realize revenue sooner.

Going beyond basic integration requirements, Hyve Solutions provides complete thermal testing, power-draw efficiency testing, burn-in, quality and logistics support at the rack level.  Full racks are tested as an integrated unit vs. a series of parts ensuring operability at deployment.   Customized rack designs can be implemented to optimize power and network cable routing and further tailor the solution to your actual datacenter environment.

Hyve Rack Integration

To support our global customers, we employ the use of shock resistant crates which allow racks to be safely and rapidly shipped worldwide from our California, Mississippi, Telford UK, and Wuxi CN integration facilities. Completed racks arrive fully cabled, labeled, tested, and are ready for installation upon deployment to your datacenter.