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Since its inception in 1969, AMD has been a company focused on innovating not for the sake of technology, but innovating to deliver real world benefits to its customers.  Marked by a history of pioneering such as the industry’s first 64-bit server processor and the industry’s first native quad core server, AMD continues to develop compute platforms that are differentiated in the value they bring to the datacenter.

Today’s world has caused datacenters to evolve in unimaginable ways.  Social networking, the internet of things, anything as a service… The list goes on.   AMD is looking at the needs of tomorrow as we deliver differentiated platforms today.  Understanding the notion of “one size fits all” no longer fits anybody, their portfolio of processor types has grown to support different workloads and different compute environments.

From x86 to APU and ARM, AMD is the only processor company to offer such a broad set of computing solutions. We continue to hold to our founding principle of delivering innovation that translates into real value for real people.