Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To create the world’s digital infrastructure, enabling innovation for humankind.

Our Mission

To obsessively deliver customer happiness through thought leadership, operational excellence and deep customer and vendor relationships.

Our Values


We collaborate to achieve the best results.


We always find a better way.


We are investing in a positive outcome for our customers, employees and partners.


We do the right thing.


We focus on quality in everything we do.

Our Code of Conduct

Hyve Solutions’ reputation and success are measured by how we conduct business every day. To ensure we uphold our company’s values and practice ethical behavior in all of business dealings, associates and business partners are guided by our code of ethics.

Code of Ethical Business Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Modern Slavery Statement

The Three V’s of Hyve

Hyve Solutions aligns itself with the guiding principles of visibility, velocity, and value to achieve a maximum benefit to our customers, employees, and shareholders. We deliver the finest products and services in the industry and treasure loyalty, teamwork, integrity, and hard work from all of our employees and business partners.


Visible and transparent actions allow us to see progress and barriers to success. This visibility provides accurate and timely information about challenges and opportunities, allowing us to be proactive in our actions and decision-making.


It’s the capability to adapt quickly and anticipate changes in the marketplace of our customers and vendors. Velocity means being flexible and reacting to change as quickly as possible. We move quickly to make decisions and execute them, managing our resources to maximize customer satisfaction and results.


Value is upheld in all that we do. If something we do does not produce value to our staff, customers, or shareholders, we simply shouldn’t be doing it. This focus forces all of our resources to activities that are important to our customers.