“The cohesion of Hyve moved me infinitely and thanks Hyve for bringing me growth. I will continue to accept challenges and contribute to the success of the company in the future.”  Pony Y., Project Manager in BIOS, Hyve Design Solutions, Taiwan

“I would like my story to motivate employees that there is scope for development within Hyve where creativity, collaboration and innovative thinking is encouraged.” – Abdus S., Test Engineer, Hyve Solutions, Europe LTD

“With the can-do attitude approach that I have with any new task, I was able to work my way from learning how to build racks to assembling servers on the line.” – Terrence D., Manufacturing Supervisor, Hyve Solutions, Olive Branch, MS

“I’ve learned that the Hyve customer’s requirements for their products are always changing; which means, we must always Kaizen our processes. I enjoy being part of the continuous improvement.” – Betty J., Quality Inspector, Hyve Solutions, Fremont, CA

“I experienced the Hyve solution’s growth in Wuxi, from the very beginning to current status. Deeply impressed by the growth speed and prospects of Hyve solutions. I hope to continue to grow with the company.” – Ruifang W., Production Supervisor, Hyve Solutions, Wuxi, China

“Since joining the business, I have been learning professional and additional skill in the tech and manufacturing field, that helped me to broaden the view of the whole industry. I look forward to continuing my career in Hyve.” – Kay W., Software Engineer, Hyve Design Solutions, Taiwan

“I have experienced the growth of Hyve Wuxi and the gradual expansion of the company, the skills and experience I have gained within Hyve are invaluable to me, I hope I can continue the successful journey along with the site growth.” – Dongfeng Z., Production Supervisor, Hyve Solutions, Wuxi, China

“I was asked several times after being in my leadership role to be a supervisor. I turned it down numerous times. In June of this year I was asked again to take on the role as a supervisor. I accepted the position because it was instilled in me by my mother who is now deceased that, ‘nothing is a failure but a don’t try’. As long as I’m here at Hyve, I will continue to strive for success.” – Sondrea F., Manufacturing Supervisor, Hyve Solutions, Olive Branch, MS

“I worked in assembly for a couple of weeks prior to moving to the rack cabling department where I spent several months learning the entire backend MFG process at Hyve. The company converted me to a full-time resource in 2017 and during this process I was promoted to MFG manager and I believe that my attention to detail and previous management experience has continue to assist me to learn and grow here at Hyve.” – Romar J., Manufacturing Manager, Hyve Solutions, Fremont, CA

“I continued to work hard and learn every step of the manufacturing process and by the time I hit my 5th year with the company I was a Production Manager. Then in 2019 I was given the opportunity to become Senior Production Manager. I am thankful for the privilege of working with Hyve over the last 10 years and continue to look forward to many years to come.” – Jared P., Senior Production Manager, Hyve Solutions, Fremont, CA

“I will continue to grow in this company as much as I can because anything is achievable with hard work and dedication. I’m proud and honored that Hyve Solutions chose me to share my story. Hopefully my story can help inspire more employees to achieve their goals, here in this company.” – Jancarlo M., Shipping/Receiving Supervisor, Hyve Solutions, Fremont, CA