“I look forward to my continued development and exciting times ahead as part of the Hyve team.” Ashley H., PC Technician II, Europe. 

“I will continue to grow and develop myself as well as future leaders for the company.” Jarrett, M., Lead Manufacturing, Fremont, CA.

“This work is more than just a job!” Junzhen C., Hardware Engineer, Taiwan.

“Becoming a lead and permanent employee in April of 2022 allowed me new obstacles to overcome and the chance to showcase leadership skills.” Kirra H., Lead Manufacturing I, Olive Branch, MS. 

“Getting a job well done is fulfilling at the end of the day.” Liberty A, Assembly Operator III, Fremont, CA.  

“Thanks to all the company’s support I can be versatile in any department that I am needed” LJ S., Shipping and Receiving Clerk, Olive Branch, MS. 

“I hope the company continues to thrive, and I will work to contribute to its strength.” Ming K., Lead Inventory Control, Wuxi, China.

“I appreciate all your support and patience and will continue to contribute to the team growth and team success.” Potter C., Hardware Engineer, Taiwan. 

“I look forward to the future, I see Hyve as a company that creates its own challenges, refuses to sit on its laurels and will push to broaden its horizons.” Wayne M., Lead Repair Technician, Telford, UK.

“I was willing to start from the most basic work and continue to learn from other colleagues.”  Zhaokai H., Lead Warehouse, Wuxi, China.