“I got promoted to Supervisor and now I am leading a team and teaching them what I learned from all my experience from all the department I worked in. I am really grateful for the opportunities and skills I learned in my journey so far. Anyone can achieve what I have if you work for it.” – Amrinder Bhela, Supervisor Ship/Receiving, Hyve Solutions, Fremont, CA

“With hard work and dedication, I was able to work my way up from being a Manufacturing Expeditor to a Program Manager. I was a big change and a very challenging role but if you put your heart and determination, success will follow. I’d also like thank my team and colleagues as they are part of all my achievements within Hyve!” – Ansherina Belarmino, NPI Program Manager II, Hyve Solutions, Fremont, CA

“Hyve is the exciting place to work at. It has dynamic environment, willing to make change and embrace all new ideas. I can really drive the business cases, from early concept through execution to really make a positive impact.” – Becky Yeh, Material Program Sr. Manager, Hyve Design Solutions, Taiwan

“Meanwhile, being a contact window of logistic to me, it became helpful for our teamwork management. In the future, I hope to continue to grow professionally on product know how and project management skills in Hyve.” – Erina Lin, Technical Program Manager, Hyve Design Solutions, Taiwan

“In March 2020, I was promoted to Logistics Supervisor. This was a big opportunity and challenge to me. I began to my new journey to lead the team, to improve the import/export efficiency and correctness. It’s a great honor to be a member of Hyve. I will continue to keep learning, to let myself and the company grow together.” – Helen Zhu, Supervisor Import/Export, Hyve Solutions, Wuxi, China

“I enjoy pushing the boundaries in what is perceived as a male dominated environment and hope that this gives other women here the confidence to do the same.” – Jayne Stephenson, Operations Manager, Hyve Solutions, Europe LTD

“I’m grateful to Hyve for making me feel valued as an employee and for offering me these opportunities to not only succeed but flourish. I feel that here at Hyve, our dedication to our quality of work and our innovation are essential to excel both as individuals and as a company. I look forward to continuing to be part of the Hyve Team and seeing what the future may bring.” – Jiang Rubenaker, Manufacturing Supervisor, Hyve Solutions, Fremont, CA

“As an excellent employee of our company, we need to constantly learn and improve ourselves. In order to do our best work, we need to strengthen self-learning awareness, and enhance work responsibility. In the future, I will try my best to do better work, making better achievements and contributions.” – Lingling Kong, Lead Manufacturing, Hyve Solutions, Wuxi, China

“The experience I have gained within Hyve is valuable. I learn things fast and contribute to my capacity to keep projects in good progress. I would relish the chance to take responsibility and prove myself in Hyve in the future.” – Rossi Lo, Technical Program Manager, Hyve Design Solutions, Taiwan

“If you are willing to work hard and be dedicated, there are great opportunities at Hyve and I believe all career goals are achievable with the support you receive. I’ve really enjoyed my journey so far and recently in February 2021 I was promoted to Inventory Control Supervisor. Anything is possible, I hope my story inspires women in the work place to pursue their goals.” –  Sarah Parton, Manufacturing Supervisor, Hyve Solutions, Europe LTD

“Today, I am grateful of having a good team working under my supervision and take responsibility to the challenges that my seniors give me. I am proud and will be working at Hyve Solutions and look forward to continuing my journey in good faith for many years to come.” – Sat Polillo, Lead Manufacturing, Hyve Solutions, Fremont, CA

“Hyve provides an environment for employees to learn and grow. Like people say, ‘The best way to learn is to learn by doing.’ Also, appreciate my sincere and dynamic team members who always offer a workplace with energy and laughter. You can rely on them whenever you need support and help.” – Sherry Chang, Material Program Manager, Hyve Design Solutions, Taiwan

“I feel that if you are willing to put the hard work in; and the dedication is there, the company will support growth and nurture your skills. I am proud to be a core member of the team and hope my path inspires women in the workplace to progress in their chosen career route. The more diverse our workforce, the greater the innovation and creativity.” – Stacey McAdam, Senior Operations Manager, Hyve Solutions, Europe LTD

“It is my honor to be one member of Hyve Solutions. I will be in a better state, more serious attitude and more full of energy, to create, to fight, to work hard, and grow together with the enterprise!” – Yafen Sun, Lead Quality, Hyve Solutions, Wuxi, China