“With vast experience in various areas of our company, I can bring out my strengths and technical skills.”

Angie Robancho, Fremont, California

“Hyve’s push for improvement and the innovation of their products has provided constant challenges and inspiration to learn, evolve and adapt.

 Dan –Gabrile Minea , Telford, United Kingdom

“Hyve provides a very good work environment let us work comfortably.”

Eddie Lin, Taiwan

I will work harder to learn new knowledge and technology, improve my skills, and strive to create greater value for the company”

Jiezhou Qian, Wuxi, China

“After working hard and consistently showing up, I finally received my opportunity. Though the process was long and tedious, I am proud to say I am a supervisor at Hyve.”

Joseph Folsom, Olive Branch, Mississippi

“I’m thankful for the opportunity they have given me to grow and learn from a Manufacturing associate to A Lead Manufacturing.”

Karen Dizon, Fremont, California

“I will continue to strengthen my learning, stay down-to-earth, be strict with myself with due diligence and do my job well.”

Ying Feng, Wuxi, China