Jay Shenoy

VP of Technology

Edge computing is extending the benefits of hyperscale cloud computing to new application areas. Pyxis and Argo form a pair of hardware platforms that meet a large range of edge computing needs with industry standard servers. With multiple definitions of edge computing, Hyve Solutions offers a simple one: Anything that is not deployed in hyperscale data centers is edge computing.


After collecting a range of inputs, some patterns emerged among key applications. For example, in video streaming, telco, and retail locations. One pattern is that the environmental requirements are diverse compared to data centers. Another is that space is often constrained. And, lastly, but not the least, is the need to accommodate a large number of configurations. We mapped these requirements into the platforms Pyxis and Argo.


Pyxis is a compact 1RU server that can be mounted into a standard EIA rack or in two post telco racks. This platform accommodates different motherboards to offer different CPU platforms. It also offers options for adding storage and accelerators. Inference accelerator deployment on the edge would be one example of a Pyxis use case. When we realized Pyxis’s space, power and cooling capacity did not cover all needs, we created its larger sibling, Argo.


Argo is a 2RU server that can be used in the same range of environmental conditions as Pyxis.


Argo is designed to be a modular system, leveraging three variants, to accommodate the variety of configurations that make use of the extra space and power afforded by a 2U system.


1) The first variant supports high performance compute with the entire TDP range of processors in the Intel® Xeon® second generation scalable processors as well as the upcoming Xeon fourth generation.
2) The second variant can host two high power GPUs and similar accelerators.
3) The third offers hard disks for high capacity storage on the edge.


All three variants are designed for NEBS qualification.


Designing servers for edge computing is only half the story. Deployment is more complex than in hyperscale as the geographical footprint is larger, consisting of multiple locations within a single project. At Hyve Solutions, with manufacturing facilities and Importer of Record (IoR) entities in most major countries, we can land servers practically anywhere in the world. This, coupled with H.U.G.S. (Hyve Solutions Unified Global Services), where we offer the ability to deploy and service models should the service operator not have on site staff, makes us a unique partner for edge computing.

Hyve Solutions is a leader in the design to worldwide deployment of hyperscale digital infrastructures. In partnership with customers, Hyve leverages deep-seated industry experience and strong vendor partnerships to design and deliver purpose-built servers, storage, and networking solutions to meet datacenter demands for today and beyond.

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