Hello Team!


Happy 10th Birthday!


We made it through our first decade together! The vast majority of companies never make it this far, and very few can make it to this point with the level of growth that we have achieved! Our CAGR 2011 – 2020 exceeded 85%. A tremendous achievement. In addition, 2021 is on a run rate to be another record year. To put it in perspective, we have shipped the equivalent or more of our 2011 annual revenue each and every day of 2021!


Our future continues to look very bright as the Cloud and Edge markets continue to grow at a very fast pace. As our largest customers gain market share, their need for innovation and scale will grow in importance. We understand this, which is why we continue to focus on investments in innovative designs and efficiency and quality. Doing so will continue to create a tight interconnection between us, our customers and their critical initiatives.


Strong customer engagement and getting to ‘yes’ intelligently remains a cornerstone of our corporate culture. Embracing the future and new opportunities will continue to move us forward.


How we do this is just as important. We must continue to act with integrity within all of our engagements. Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility and our drive for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will continue to gain increased focus and attention.


I am immensely proud of our Hyve Solutions team and all that we have accomplished in the past, what we’re doing today, and where we’re headed tomorrow. We have great heart, determination and a desire to serve up excellence every day. To the best team in the business!


Finally, a big thank you and acknowledgement to all of you who worked so hard during this pandemic year. I’m very inspired by and thankful to all of our associates and especially to all who came to our sites every day to get us to this point. We made it through a scary time together and came out stronger as a team!


Happy 10th Birthday Hyve Solutions!




Steve Ichinaga

President, Hyve Solutions & Hyve Design Solutions


Hyve turns 10! Ten years ago, the largest data center infrastructure end users, who are now known to be today's tech giants, began to investigate the concept of customized server infrastructure to fulfill their specific needs. Because it was a niche market, many hardware suppliers were reluctant to join in. A System Integration Division within SYNNEX decided to target that niche – the rest is history!

Today, Hyve is so much more. We invite you to walk down memory lane to celebrate where we are today.

Watch a message from our key vendors and customers as they wish us all a Happy Birthday.

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