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Driving Data Center Transformation

Today, data is being stored, managed and transmitted across a broad mix of IT computing infrastructures. Unique requirements, priorities and challenges create continuous pressure for greater performance, reliability, manageability and affordability. Rapid data growth and the desire to preserve and extract more value from more data are driving the need for solutions that meet new requirements in scalability, accessibility, longevity and TCO. With our deep understanding of customer needs and the evolving technology landscape, HGST delivers innovative, proven, enterprise-class storage solutions, with tight software integration that optimizes efficiency and reliability across the data center. The result is unmatched storage performance, capacity and affordability for solving the most prevalent IT infrastructure challenges today.

Enabling the Most Mission-critical Use Cases

HGST’s comprehensive portfolio of enterprise class hard disk and solid-state drives, software and platforms enable organizations to make the most of their data. Industry-leading innovations such as helium-filled drives, high-performance Flash storage and intelligent software contribute to helping companies better manage the flow of data across its lifecycle—while extracting greater value from the information it holds. HGST storage products and solutions are well suited for the most mission-critical use cases.

Each has unique requirements and priorities, whether it is performance, capacity, reliability, scalability, security, low cost, accessibility or any combination thereof.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics must grapple with extremely large and complex datasets, from tens of terabytes to multiple petabytes. The performance and scalability demands of these applications are exceptional. High-capacity drives are required to store such sizable datasets, and high-performance drives are necessary to process and make meaning of that data. HGST’s enterprise HDDs and SSDs are ideal for big data because of their respective capacity and performance attributes. Scale-out clusters are commonly used. PCIe Flash drives in particular can help dramatically reduce the number of servers needed in a cluster. In addition, HGST’s sophisticated clustering software provides much lower latencies than traditional network storage to accelerate analytics applications.

More. More. More. HGST Solutions for Big Data Analytics.

  • HelioSeal technology HDDs and 7200 RPM SATA and SAS HDDs for capacity storage
  • SAS SSDs for high-performance storage
  • PCIe SSDs for lowest latency and ultra high-performance, server-side Flash storage
  • Clustering software for creating low-latency, server-side shared storage for analytics


HGST is helping organizations harness the power of data. We’re creating more efficient, TCO-driven storage with larger, denser capacities, Flash fabrics for breakthrough performance and solutions that take advantage of smart software integration. HGST is at the heart of the data center helping customers unlock the full value of their data. Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, our proven data center storage solutions are everywhere data is—from the cloud, to some of the most sophisticated systems in healthcare, finance, government, oil and gas, as well as in entertainment and media.