[VIDEO]: Hyve leverages deep-seated industry experience and strong vendor partnerships to design and deliver purpose-built server, storage, and networking solutions to meet datacenter demands for today and beyond.

Those we serve know our prowess in delivering hyperscale solutions to just about anywhere in the world. And while we are very, very good at that, we are so much more!


Hyve has the resources to design systems from end-to-end. We can design systems in a matter of weeks with the ability to qualify, validate, and release them to production all in one place, allowing for rigorous and fast development; including the ability to test out new concepts in a matter of hours.


“Our innovative development process rounds out Hyve’s offering and solidifies us as a key player in the industry,” notes Eric Kuo, Vice President of Engineering and R&D. “With early engagement, building block designs and quick prototyping, we accelerate time to market customer goals.”


Alongside motherboard design, Hyve has a number of initiatives that support rapid development and deployment. Among those include Velocity NPI (VNPI), Engineering Lab Test Automation (ELTA) which allows for overnight testing, and our Quick Turn Prototype Lab (QTP).


We prioritize leveraging the power and solutions we hold to meet our customer goals with transparency, velocity, and adherence to Hyve’s values.


To learn more about Hyve’s innovative initiatives, contact us at sales@hyvesolutions.com, or visit bit.ly/HyveDesignSolutions.